Our Workshop

In some cases, our Chimney Sweeps may find it challenging to carry out repairs on-site, especially if the repairs involve complex glass or rope replacements, stubborn bolts or screws, jammed door handles, broken hinges, or stuck air controls. In these situations, your Chimney Sweep might recommend taking the stove or doors to our Sandpits workshop. Here, our engineers can dedicate more time to disassembling, re-drilling, tapping, and replacing any faulty components to restore the stove to its original condition. We also offer a respray service and have a wide range of spare parts available.

Once the refurbishment is complete, the door can be returned to you or collected from our showroom in Curry Rivel, fully restored and ready for use.

Additionally, our workshop specialises in refurbishing stoves and cookers. Our expert HETAS engineers can fully assess your appliance for restoration and if suitable, can then uninstall it, refurbish it entirely, replace old components with new ones, and rejuvenate it.

(Subject to make, model and availability of required parts.)